Interview with Mary Biollo (Keehn) Doyle

Mary Biollo (Keehn) Doyle was raised on the family farm with her five brothers and three sisters in Venice, Alberta. She was married in 1936 and moved to Edmonton to teach. Her father, Olivo Giovanni (Oliver John) Biollo, was at work on the farm on a day when she was home visiting; a police officer arrived to arrest him and took him directly to Camp Kananaskis. Mary Doyle recounts how he was not allowed to change out of his dirty work clothes or say his goodbyes to his family. She states that he was accused of being a fascist out of jealousy. After his internment began, Mary also faced an investigation for teaching Italian, and was forced to quit teaching her language classes. Her father was later transferred to Camp Petawawa, where he worked at keeping the camp books and became a friend of Mayor Camillien Houde. Mary Doyle has two sons of her own, named Charles and Linn and taught at many schools over her 36 year career.

Mary Biollo Doyle passed away in 2012.