Letter from C. Sauro, to unnamed M.P., October 9, 1940

Letter from Clementina Sauro, to unnamed M.P., October 9, 1940, three pages. Based on other letters in the collection, it can be assumed that this letter was sent to J.S. Woodsworth, the first leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation of Canada (CCF).

Rev. Libero Sauro was arrested on September 7, 1940 and held at Don Jail before being transferred to Petawawa Internment Camp.

From his arrest, Clementina was relentless in her mission to have her husband released. She wrote many letters on his behalf, including letters to M.J. Coldwell, an M.P. from the CCF, and as indicated in this case to J.S. Woodsworth. She also wrote to her husband's colleagues in the United Church and others.

The response from the CCF National Office notes Woodsworth's illness (see ICEA2010.0008.0038). Despite this, Woodsworth did indeed personally write Clementina (see ICEA2010-0008-0055.a-b). Coldwell would also follow-up with Clementina (see ICEA2010-0008-0040). In fact, he raised the issue of Libero’s internment in the House of Commons, pointing out that Sauro’s sons were in the Canadian services. Other letters indicate that Coldwell continued to interest himself in Sauro's case and those of other internees (see ICEA2010-0008-0051, ICEA2010-0008-0052, ICEA2010-0008-0053).

Clementina points out the bureaucratic red-tape to which families were subjected in trying to learn of their loved ones status and in trying to effect their release. She also refers to the lack of evidence -- an act he supposedly undertook on September 4th -- which would result in 111 days of internment. Clementina believed (as other letters indicate) that her husband was an innocent victim of an unscrupulous community informant.

This document forms part of a collection of documents and other materials donated by the Sauro family.