Portrait of Nello Pataracchia

Black and white studio portrait of Nello Pataracchia. Pataracchia is show wearing a formal suit and bow tie. He is looking off camera to the left.

Pataracchia became naturalized on February 5, 1923. He owned a house at 239 Park St. North in Hamilton, where he lived with his wife, Ida Georgi Pataracchia, and five children: two sons, ages 10 and 6, and three daughters, ages 9, 8, and 4. The couple owned a rental property located at 68 Currie Street in St. Catharines, Ontario. Pataracchia also owned a 1937 Studebaker Coach. His business, Cabot Macaroni Manufacturing Co., was located at 325 James St. North in Hamilton.

He was arrested on June 10, 1940. According to government documents the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) searched the family home that day and the arresting officer, Sgt. Coburn, seized the following items: an envelope (containing $104.95), cheques (totalling $900), and certificates for 1214 shares of capital stock of St. Catharines Wine Company of Canada Ltd., St. Catharines Hotels Ltd., and Canada Balsam Products Co. Ltd. He was interned at both Camp Petawawa and Camp Fredericton.