Ida Pataracchia with her daughter Enrica Pataracchia

Black and white photograph of Ida Pataracchia and her daughter Enrica Pataracchia standing outdoors against a wooden fence. Ida is wearing a black overcoat and is resting her hands on her daughters shoulders. Enrica is wearing a checkered cape.

Enrica was only 4 years old when her father was arrested on June 10, 1940. According to government documents the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) searched the family home at 239 Park St. North in Hamilton on the day of his arrest and seized funds and a number of documents. He was interned at both Petawawa and Fredericton from June 1940 to February 1943. He left behind his his wife and five children: two soons, ages 10 and 6 and three daughters, ages 9, 8 and 4.

While interned Pataracchia, along with the other internees, was allowed to write three letters and four postcards per month. In October 1941, Pataracchia wrote to the Custodian of Enemy Property requesting that his wife’s monthly allowance be increased to $150. He also asked that his wife take over his business as power of attorney and that she handle his personal accounts. His requests were granted only after he wrote again, one month later. The increase in Ida Pataracchia’s monthly allowance made two family trips possible: to Camp Petawawa in April 1942 (cost: $100) and to Camp Fredericton in August 1942 (cost: $200).