Photograph of Ida Butti with children, Henry and Rosina, and friend, Italy, 1905

Black and white photograph of Ida Butti with her children, Henry and Rosina, and a friend. This photo was taken in Italy in 1905.

The two women are standing behind the children. Ida Butti is standing on the left. She is wearing a black jacket over a long skirt. Her friend is also wearing a long dress. Rosina is standing in the forefront wearing a plaid patterned dress with a black belt, black wool tights, and a lace-up boots. Her brother, Henry, is standing on a wooden structure. There are is a metal fence behind them covered in plants.

Peter Butti came to Canada in 1912 to work as an electrical engineer.  Once established, Peter was able to bring over Ida and the children. During WWII, Peter's and Ida's son, Henry, and daughter-in-law, Myra, were designated as enemy aliens.  The couple's son, Peter Henry Lawrence Butti, was six years old at the time but still remembers his parents reporting to the RCMP.