Postcard sent by Eugene Guagneli to mother Luisa Guagneli during her internment

Postcard sent by Eugene Guagneli to his mother Luisa Guagneli while she was interned at Kingston Penitentiary. It is a view of the American Falls from Canada.  It is possibly spring or summer as there are leaves on the trees that frame the picture plane.  There is a small boat in the water, possibly a tour boat full of tourists. There are buildings in the far background. 

The back of the postcard has writing from Eugene and is stamped with postal stamps from Niagara Falls and one from Internment Camp Operations. Letter correspondence between internees and families went through a censorship procedure. The top right corner shows the outline where a paper stamp was once adhered to.

Luisa Guagneli was one of four women interned during World War II. Her son Eugene and her husband Arturo were designated as enemy aliens.