Nonresident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card of Eugene Guagneli

This is an identication card for Eugene Guagneli, specifically a Nonresident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card, United States of America. The identification card number is 64685 and it was issued on June 12, 1943 in Niagara Falls.  It states that it is valid for one year from the date of issue and that it can be canceled at any time.  It also lists Eugene's citizenship, place of birth, birthdate, height, colour of hair and eyes, and race. The watermark text reads: "Nonresident Aliens Border Crossing Identification Card United States of America." Three signatures appear on the card: Eugene's, a US Immigration officer's, and that of the Vice Consul of the United States of America.

Eugene was born in Canada in 1927.  During World War II, his mother, Luisa Guagneli, was one of four women interned; 13-year-old Eugene and his father, Arturo, were both designated as enemy aliens.