Loretta Stirling (née Mascioli) on her birthday with husband Keith Alexander Stirling - en anglais seulement

This is a colour snapshot of Loretta (née Mascioli) Stirling on her birthday, taken on September 9 in 1957 (or 1958).  She is standing beside her husband, Keith Alexander Stirling, in front of their dining table smiling.  Loretta is smiling to her left off camera and Keith is smiling straight at the camera with a wine glass in his left hand.  Loretta is wearing a black belted skirt with a white button up collared shirt.  The sleeves are folded at her elbows.  Her short wavy hair is styled with accentuated large curls; it is parted on the side.  Keith is wearing a black suit over a white shirt and a tie. The tie is light grey with a small red and black triangular mark in the centre.  The table has a variety of food such as a vegetable and cheese spread with crackers. There is also a bouquet of yellow  flowers on the table. The backdrop shows a white curtain with a sheen.

The photo was taken in the Stirling family home in Timmins.  Eldest daughters, Joan McKinnon and Sandy O'Grady, were in university at the time and had planned a surprise birthday party for their mother.  Sandy says her and her sisters were wearing house clothes so as not to give the surprise away. Friends and family were gathered around the living room at the time that this picture was taken.

This is an enlarged copy of an original.