Photograph of Biollo home, Winnipeg, MB, ca. 1900s - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph of the Biollo home, College Ave. and Broadway, Winnipeg, MB, ca. 1900s. Oliver John Biollo immigrated to Canada in 1902. He was hired to work on the Transcontinental Railway Line, and worked to pay for his passage, before travelling to Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Winnipeg, he joined a partnership to acquire the Savoy Hotel on Portage and Main streets. Biollo, his two brothers Angelo and Sante, and their families all lived in this home.

According to his daughter Mary Biollo Doyle, in her interview:

But first of all—when they got married, they were living in Winnipeg. And they had a big house. Three levels. And dad had brought up from Italy, his two brothers. So the three of them worked in this hotel for a while. Then they wanted to get the license for selling liquor. But dad didn't have his papers yet. So he put the store, uh, the, the building of the hotel on the partner’s name. And he took it all.