Memo to Warden, regarding International Red Cross parcel, February 25, 1941

This typewritten memo was sent to the Warden of Kingston Penitentiary, by a staff officer (illegible signature) of Internment Operations, based in Ottawa, ON. The contents pertain to a parcel received from the International Red Cross containing chocolate bars (a handwritten note in pencil identifies them as 10 double Nestles). These bars are offered to the female internees housed in the prison.

Four Italian Canadian women were interned during World War II. They, along with 17 German Canadian women, were held at the Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario. The prison was located on the north side of King St. West, across from the Kingston Penitentiary. The women were held in a separate wing known as the Internment Quarters. Women internees could receive letters and care packages.

At the date of the memo, February 25, 1941, only two of the Italian Canadian internees remained: Verna Lo Bosco and Maria Pressello. Their signatures appear on the memo of 12 names giving thanks for the donation (see LDICEA2012.0017.0006).