Photograph of meeting regarding Toronto's Casa d'Italia, 1949

Black and white photograph of meeting, held at the King Edward Hotel, Toronto, ON, 1949. The meeting, chaired by Judge Charles Fassel, was held to discuss the future of Toronto's Casa d'Italia on 136 Beverly Street, which had been seized by the Canadian government in 1940. In attendance were leaders of the local Italian Canadian community.

Seating list (last names only):
Left (front to back): Missori, Ricci, Carenza, Ranieri, Canganzo, Longo, Licastro, Palermo, Sorbara
Head of table: Fassel
Right (front to back): Longo, Paprello, Ruinaldi(?), Cav. Lorenzetti, Caruso, Durigon, Di Guilio, Grittani, Consolo Riccardi

In Toronto, in 1962, after a long battle, the Casa d’Italia on Beverly St. was returned to the community.