Gulch Giants, 1932-33 Bantam League

Black and white photograph of the Gulch Giants, 1932-33 Bantam League, baseball team. In 1933 there were only three teams in the league: the Gulch, which was comprised of mostly Italians, the town, which was comprised of mostly Scottish and English and the East Trail, which was comprised of mostly Ukrainians. The baseball team shown in this photograph have been identified from left to right as: Tino Magliani, Frank Turik, John Lauriente, Archie Martin, Cheeka Ermacora, Ed Gri, Faust Angerilli, Joe Monaldi, unknown, Lorne Tognotti, Nick Turik, Chief Buna, Allan Tognotti, Ching Battistella, Mike Wolfe, Charlie White (Sponsor), Louis Demore (Coach). All the members of the team were 13 years old.