Charcoal sketch of internment camp with view of guard tower and internee, 2012

This is a charcoal sketch of an internment camp with view of guard tower and an internee by Jemma Kim in 2012. It is part of a series of sketches created for use in the Italian Canadian as Enemy Aliens: Memories of WWII permanent exhibit.

The view is of the barbed wire fence and guard tower and an unidentified internee. The internee is running beside the barbed wire fence.  The barren tree suggests it is winter or fall season.

During World War II, Italian Canadians were interned at three internment camps. They were located at Petawawa, ON, Kananaskis, AB, and Fredericton, NB.  There are many other internment camps in Canada which also housed German Canadians, Ukrainian Canadians, and other POWs both during the First and Second World Wars.