Interview with Maurice Poggi

Maurice Poggi was born on December 11, 1945 in Montreal, QC. He is the son of artist, Vincenzo Poggi, who was interned during World War II. Vincenzo was born in Milan in 1900 and came to Canada in 1929 to work with Guido Nincheri (also interned), a stained glass artist in Montreal. Maurice's mother was Janet Poggi (née Armand). She was born in Sudbury in 1912 and moved to Montreal as a child. Janet married Vincenzo in 1944. During World War II, Vincenzo was arrested and taken to Bordeaux Jail before being interned at Camp Petawawa and then Camp Fredericton. Vincenzo was possibly the director of an international press service which was apparently a front for disseminating Italian propaganda.  Maurice talks about how this might have been the reason for his father’s internment, but how his father's character and the types of people that he associated with suggests that he was not a fascist. Maurice finds it very troubling that his father might have been associated with fascists. While interned, Vincenzo painted portraits of various internees and other people at the camps, including officials. He also painted portraits of internees' children based on photographs. The interview ends with shots of some of Vincenzo's work that Maurice has around his home as well as an exhibition catalogue with a list of names written on it.