Interview with Rino Albanese

In his follow-up interview, Rino Albanese discusses his job at Canada Car, where he was constantly bumped from one department to the next. He was laid off from Canada Car, and was then hired by Day Company, which specialized in air pollution in grain elevators. He worked his way up in the company, and did surveys of grain elevators and flour mills across Canada. In his initial interview, Rino had discussed attending Italian classes, which were arbitrarily shut down by the school board. Rino remembers that there were rumours that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) had closed it because of the fascist insignia on the textbooks. Rino's father was a fascist sympathizer, who was sympathetic to Mussolini's ideology, and credited him with putting Italy on the map. Even after the war, his opinion never changed on fascism.