Interview with Phyllis Morreale & Rita Morreale

In a follow-up to their first interview, Phyllis Morreale, and her daughter, Rita Morreale, talk about their experiences living in Hamilton during World War II. Phyllis' father, Luigi Mascia, was interned at Petawawa. Phyllis postponed her marriage for a year while her father was in the internment camp. When the police came for Luigi, the police barged into his home, took his papers, and arrested him. Phyllis describes the experience of getting her father out of the internment camp. After Luigi was interned, Phyllis and her mother were contacted by a man who said he could get Luigi out of the internment camp for a $5000 fee. They paid the fee and went with the man to Ottawa. He told them that Luigi would be home in a week's time. The same process was repeated with Phyllis' uncle, Sabatino (Sam) Bartolini, who was also interned. Rita and Phyllis discuss how the Canadian government's policies affected other members of their community, including Italians who lost their jobs, and those who had to register every week while their children served in the Canadian forces. They also talk about their lives in Hamilton after the war.