Interview with Galileo Ricci

Galileo Ricci was born on February 4, 1922 in Melfi in the province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy. He was the youngest of five children; he had three brothers and one sister. Because Galileo’s father travelled frequently to North and South America for work, Galileo did not know him very well. After the big earthquake in 1929, the family moved to Florence where Galileo and his brother attended school at an orphanage. Galileo’s father followed them in 1929. In 1934, the family migrated to Canada. After landing in Halifax, the Ricci family travelled to Montreal where they settled. In 1939, just before the start of World War II, Galileo’s father passed away. In 1940, Galileo was 18 years old. He was not interned but was instead designated an enemy alien, fingerprinted, and ordered to report monthly to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Galileo always found work, despite being a victim of racial discrimination and being accused of having fascist involvement. He married Antonia Maria (Ninetta) Frenza, the daughter of internee Leonardo Frenza, and in 1967 they moved to Toronto where he worked until the age of 70.

Galileo Ricci passed away on September 15, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. He is survived by his darling wife Ninetta and loving son.