Photograph of James and Annie Franceschini with daughter Myrtle, Miami Beach, 1928

Black and white photograph of James and Annie Franceschini with daughter Myrtle in Miami Beach, 1928.

The family is seated on the beach wearing swim/beach gear. James is wearing a white tank top and shorts. He has a cigar in his mouth.  Annie is wearing a loose fitted white tank top with a pair of printed pants. Her wavy hair is styled parted to the side. She is sitting on a chair with a canopy. Myrtle is seated in front of her parents. She is wearing a white dress with a printed sweater. She is holding a ball in her lap. There are blankets in the foreground and a building structure in the background. The family is smiling straight at the camera.

In 1912, James founded Dufferin Construction and became well known nationally. As the company became increasingly more successful, James was able to move into the construction of highways, provincial roads, rail lines and suburbs. Within three years – at the age of 25 – James became a millionaire.

On June 10, 1940, he was arrested and interned as a threat to the Canadian state.