Portrait of Alfredo Ettore Cuomo

Black and white portrait of Alfredo Ettore Cuomo. The photograph was taken at the time of his marriage to Annie (Antonietta) in the early 1900s.

Cuomo was born in Chieti, Italy in August 1890. At the time of his internment, Cuomo was married to Annie (Antonietta). They had three daughters aged 28, 21 and 19 as well as two sons aged 26 and 23. The family spent $2000, a large sum in those days, on the fees for the lawyer working on Cuomo’s objection to his internment and his release. During his internment, his two sons both enlisted and served in the Canadian military. On his return home, he did regain his position at the steel company as a machinist. Later, he opened a hardware store, which closed in the 1960s.