Il primo libro del fascista

Front cover of the book Il primo libro del fascista, which is literally translated as, "the first book of fascism." The cover features a block of rectangular black and white photographs on the left hand side. From the top, groups of children in uniform who are part of the Italian fascist youth organizations that were organized by the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF, or National Fascist Party) are shown marching or standing at attention. Toward the bottom of the column the photographs show teenagers and young adults, many of whom are wearing black shirts typical of the Fascist Party. On the left is a graphic outline of Benito Mussolini wearing a military helmet. The title of the book and the initials of the party appear in the bottom section. The background of the book is a brick wall.

The book was first published circa 1938. It provides a short history of fascism and is followed by information about Mussolini, or Il Duce as he is known, the Fascist Party, the army, the corporate state and the defense of Italian purity. (See the online exhibit at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Special Collections for more information: