Photograph of Olivieri Family, Hamilton, ON

Black and white photo of Olivieri family members arranged out of doors. Writing on the back describes the setting as a ‘backyard gathering.’ In an interview with Toni McDermott, she identifies those included in the photograph as her grandfather and internee (Antonio Olivieri), her cousin's grandfather, her grandmother (Anna Olivieri), her mother (Nida Olivieri) and her cousins. Close family friend and internee Berlino Colangelo is also included in the photo. Ten individuals in total are pictured, lined up in front of a fence, outdoors, shoulder to shoulder. All of the men are wearing neck ties and the women are wearing dresses. Some are more formal in their stature, looking directly into the camera and some more relaxed looking off in the distance. A young girl and a man with a glass bottle are pictured reclining on a chair. The group is mixed intergenerational, with one (unknown) child in the picture.