Portrait of Iannetta family, Windsor, ON, ca. 1938

This is a black and white studio portrait of the Iannetta family taken in Windsor, ON around 1938.  Shown left to right are the Iannetta children - Guido (10), Tony (15), and Louis (17). To their right are their parents Antonia Troia Iannetta and Michele Iannetta. The males are all wearing three piece suits; Guido is the only one wearing shorts instead of pants.  Antonia is wearing a long, black dress with buttons at the front.  Her wavy hair is styled in a low bun.  The painted backdrop shows a nature scene with decorative arches and a large window on either sides and the the carpet has a paisley pattern.

Michele Iannetta was born in Italy in 1898. On June 10, 1940, he was arrested while tending bar at an Italian social club. He was interned for two years at Camp Petawawa and Camp Fredericton.