Fioravante Tenisci at his office, F. Tenisci Travel Bureau, Trail, BC, 1975

Black and white photograph of Fioravante (Fred) Tenisci seated next to a desk at the F. Tenisci Travel Bureau, 824 Rossland Avenue, Trail, BC. The table to the right contains a number of photographs of landscape and architecture in Italy. The sign at the right background is for the Consular Agent of Italy (Agenzia Consolare d'Italia) and features the emblem of Italy in the centre.

Tenisci was arrested and interned on June 10, 1940 as a threat to the Canadian state. He was one of a handful of men who were interned at all three camps. As a musician, he played the accordion in the camp band and organized a choir. He objected to his internment, and did have a review of his case on at least one occasion. Tenisci was ordered released on February 1, 1943. After his release, Tenisci returned to Trail and in June 1945 married Canadian-born Emilia (Emily) Barazzuol, 15 years his junior. The couple had 10 children. Tenisci supported his large family working as a supervisor for Cominco’s natural gas plant. He also later operated a travel agency in “The Gulch”, Trail’s Little Italy, which serviced the local community, and acted as the consular agent of the Italian government for that area.