Royal Visit to Niagara Falls, 1939

Black and white photograph of the royal motorcade with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth during the Royal Visit through Niagara Falls, ON on June 7, 1939. The vehicle is a 1939 Lincoln convertible sedan. The King and Queen are being accompanied by the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD), the most senior cavalry regiment in Canada. Crowds of onlookers line both sides of the street.

The 1939 Royal Visit was the first visit of the reigning monarch to Canada. Large crowds greeted the royal couple throughout the cross-country tour. The tour began in May of 1939 in Quebec City. From here the King and Queen travelled west by rail, visiting most of the major cities and finally arriving in Vancouver. Then they travelled through the United States, along with Prime Minister Mackenzie King. The tour ended with a visit to the Maritimes and Newfoundland, departing from Halifax.

On June 7, 1939 the Royals passed through Southern Ontario on their way to Washington, DC for a meeting with President Roosevelt. It would be the first state visit to the United States by a reigning British monarch.