Genero Joseph Brescia's Certificate of Parole

Genero Joseph Brescia's Certificate of Parole.

During World War II Brescia was declared an enemy alien and had to carry this certificate on his person at all times and report monthly to the local authorities. Despite his enemy alien status he joined the Canadian military and was soon relieved from his reporting obligations.

The document contains information about Brescia's address, age, physical description and citizenship status. It states that Brescia is not permitted to leave Fort Williams without having the document endorsed and that he is not permitted to leave Canada without an Exeat, or permission, from the Registrar General. Brescia's fingerprint is visible at the centre left of the certificate. The bottom section includes each date Brescia reported to local authorities, accompanied by the Officer's initials. According to the document, Brescia first reported on August 2, 1940 and made his last appearance on November 23, 1942.