Letter by Vincenzo Piccinini to the Custodian of Enemy Property, Sept 18, 1943 - en anglais seulement

Three page handwritten letter by internee Vincenzo Piccininni to the Custodian's Office in Ottawa. Dated: September 18, 1943. Return address: 33 High Park Blvd., Toronto.

Vincenzo is contesting the administrative fee that he was asked to pay. Internees were charged administration fees by the government for handling of their business affairs and/or assets during internment.

Vincenzo refers to himself as "...an innocent man whose only fault it was to have been born in Italy, but to have lived an exemplary life since his good fortune of having been granted the privilege of settling in Canada, and of loving this country and serving her as any true and loyal adopted son should." Vincenzo argues that there his business did not need administration or investigation because it was a struggling business as a result of the Great Depression. He pleads: "Still, I have no grudge or feel any bitterness against anyone. I know I was one of the victims of circumstances. But I feel that at least the government which alone is responsible for my plight and of my family's should leave me alone and try to not add insult to injury."