Letter by Giacomo Venzon to the Office of the Custodian, New Waterford, NS, Nov. 13, 1942 - en anglais seulement

One page handwritten letter on lined paper by internee Giacomo Venzon to the Office of the Custodian. New Waterford, NS. Dated November 13, 1942.

Giacomo notes that he received the letter notifying him of his owed balance of $50. Internees were charged administration fees by the government for handling of their business affairs and/or assets during internment.  Giacomo states that after 27 months of internment he is penniless and three years behind in taxes. Moreover, his current salary is very low and his family is in dire need of winter clothing. Giacomo promises: "I am unable at present to comply with this bill, but I will assure you that in the very near future, I will pay to the last cent all my obligation. Hoping that you will understand my situation."

Giacomo Venzon was a butcher from New Waterford, NS. At the time that he was interned, he had a wife and three young daughters. According to his family, he was always proud to be Italian Canadian.