Official unveiling of Caboto Club banner, City Hall, Windsor, ON, May 8,1927 - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph taken during the act of unveiling of the Caboto Club banner, of which the top half is visible showing a figure in historical dress. The banner's lower half is still concealed. The event occurred at City Hall Square, Windsor, ON, on May, 28, 1927.

Incorporated as the Border Cities Italian Club, on April 1, 1927, the club was later renamed the Giovanni Caboto Club in honour of the sailor and explorer John Cabot (or Giovanni Caboto). He became an important figure to Italian immigrant communities in Canada, although he sailed for the English crown. His landing on the coastline of modern-day Newfoundland in 1497 was used to validate and legitimize the Italian immigrant experience in Canada, serving as a source of pride.

Founded was by Italian immigrants in late 1924, the club became an important part of the local Italian community, providing a place for community gatherings, support for new immigrants and through fundraising activities, support for the larger Windsor community.