Certificate of Naturalization for Gino Tiezzi, 1930 - en anglais seulement

Certificate of Naturalization for Gino Pio Antonio Tiezzi, No. 72785, dated October 9, 1930 and signed by the Acting Secretary of State and the Acting Undersecretary of State of Canada.

The certificate reads:

The Naturalization Act
Certificate of Naturalization

I the undersigned Secretary of State of Canada do hereby certify and declare that GINO PIO ANTONIO TIEZZI whose particulars are enclosed herein, is hereby naturalized as a British subject that is entitled to all political and other rights, powers and privileges, and subject to all obligations, duties and liabilities to which a natural born British subject is entitled or subject and that he has to all intents and purposes the status of a natural born British subject.
In testimony whereof, I have hereinso subscribed my name and affixed the Seal of the Department of the Secretary of State of Canada this Ninth day of October 1930.

After the Italian declaration of war, all Italian Canadians naturalized after September 1, 1922 were declared enemy aliens. Gino Tiezzi was also arrested and interned for his involvement with the local Italian fascio in Ottawa.