Letter to R.P. Kinkel from Everett Bristol of White, Ruel & Bristol, Nov. 19, 1943 - en anglais seulement

This is a one page typed letter from Everett Bristol of White, Ruel & Bristol Barristers, Solicitors, etc. addressed to R.P.Kinkel, dated November 19, 1943.

Post-release, many internees were charged by the Custodian of Enemy Property (CEP) an administration fee for the handling of their affairs while interned. The CEP was a branch of the Canadian government that oversaw the administration of assets belonging to internees and other enemy aliens. It would pay off an internee’s debts by selling his or her property or businesses. It also collected money owed to internees by others. Each accounting firm hired by the CEP would bill an internee for administrative costs even though internees did not ask for the CEP to be involved.

According to the Carbone family, Kinkel hired a lawyer to help fight Thomas (Tom) Joseph Carbone's administration fee. This letter informs Kinkel that the Custodian has agreed to relieve Tom of the $55.16 administration fee.

Kinkel was a mine manager at Buffalo Ankerite Gold Mines Ltd. where Tom was employed before he was interned at Camp Petawawa in 1940.  Kinkel was always supportive of Tom; for example, in July of 1940 shortly after Tom's arrest, he wrote an oath and/or declaration in support of Tom's character.