Elena and Giuseppe Grittani on their wedding day, 1919 - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph of Elena and Giuseppe Grittani on their wedding day. The couple was married in Toronto on October 23, 1919. In this photograph the happy couple stand on the steps outside the church, surrounded by their family and friends. Giuseppe Grittani's suit is covered in confetti.

Marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. As a result, it has always been an important occasion for a Catholic Italian-Canadian family. In recent years, it has also proved an occasion for extended celebrations, with family, friends, and colleagues all invited. A event laden with symbolism and status, the wedding has also turned into somewhat of a small business venture. Guests often bring a "busta" -- literally the envelope. Originally these envelopes with cards and cash were meant to provide a small start-up fund to help young newlyweds begin their life together.

Giuseppe Grittani immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1907. He married Elena on October 23, 1919 and the couple settled at 2 Northcliffe Blvd. where they raised three children, Gloria, Howard and Joe Jr. On June 10, 1940, Grittani was arrested by the RCMP. The family had no idea what had happened to him, but soon realized the serious nature of the situation when the RCMP came to search the family home. He was interned at Camp Petawawa for eight months before he was released on February 2, 1941.