Genero Joseph Brescia's Discharge Certificate - en anglais seulement

Genero Joseph Brescia's Discharge Certificate from the Canadian Army.

During World War II Brescia was declared an enemy alien. He had to carry a Certificate of Parole on his person at all times and report monthly to the local authorities. Despite his enemy alien status he joined the Canadian military and was soon relieved from his reporting obligations. Despite having his enemy alien status withdrawn and serving in the Royal Canadian Artillery, Brescia still faced discrimination due to his Italian heritage. In his video interview Brescia describes a particularly difficult experience he faced when he returned to the army headquarters in Winnipeg to receive his discharge papers.

This certificate contains information about Brescia's physical description, rank and unit in the military, his enrollment date and the reason for his discharge. It is signed and dated by the commanding officer. The reason for Brescia's discharge is given as, "To return to Civil Life - on demobilization."