Galardo Family home, Sudbury, ON, 1930 - en anglais seulement

Photograph of Galardo Family home, a bungalow with single dormer, and porch, in Sudbury, ON, 1930. The individual standing on the porch steps is Pasquale Galardo.

Pasquale's father, Emilio Galardo, was an accomplished, talented photographer and owner of Galardo Studio. The married father with three children was 62 years old and a citizen (a naturalized British subject) at the time of his arrest and internment.

To support the family, Pasquale worked at the photography studio, and his wife rented out rooms in their home.

Galardo was profoundly affected by his internment. He wrote the following poem (see related document):

In un campo d’internamento
Vidi ricchi e poveri, mesti in boglia novella
Tutti pensosi che facevanno ammenda
Vidi gente d’ogni sorta, di differende favella
Li conobbi e tutti buona gente
Increduli della triste sorta
La domenica gennflessi ascoltani la divina parola di padre Maltempi
Colla sperranza in cor veder lor famiglia e consorte
Un piccolo gruppo de miei amici – d’altro sentire
L’uno a l’altro conforto lenire
Tutti maestri ed io professore
Vollero che in chiamassimo per onore.
Tristi ricordi de Petawawa
E.G. 1940

Translation: In a concentration camp, I saw rich and poor thrown together in a pit of hell. All worried and sad that they had to make amends. I saw people of all sorts – of different languages. I knew them, all good people, disbelieving their sad lot in life. On Sunday, kneeling, we listened to the divine word of Father Maltempi, with the hope in our hearts to see family and spouses once again. A small group of friends, learned, comforted each other. All teachers and I, a professor, wanted to be called for our honour. Sad memories of Petawawa. E.G. 1940