Photograph of Osvaldo Giacomelli skating - en anglais seulement

An internee, who is likely Osvaldo Giacomelli, is skating on an outdoor ice rink. It seems to be a double exposure.

Internees were not allowed to have their own cameras in camp. However, it seems that Giacomelli or one of his campmates were able to secure such a camera, as this is clearly an informal photograph. The location cannot be confirmed. However, given the location of other images in this collection and the similarity of the buildings, it seems that the location is Fredericton Internment Camp (Fall/Winter 1942-1943) and not Camp Petawawa.

This image was likely taken around the same time of DICEA2011.0001.0016 and DICEA2011.0001.0024.

Internees were often lonely and bored. Recreational activities were organized during downtime. Internees watched films, read, played cards and chess. Sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball, and bocce were popular.

This photograph belongs to a collection compiled by Italian Canadian internee Osvaldo Giacomelli. Previous to his death, he had spoken on the record about his internment to journalists and academics. Some suggestion has been made that Giacomelli was a fascist supporter and Mussolini-adherent. He was one of the longest-serving of the Italian Canadian internees, released on May 29, 1945. Giacomelli himself felt that he was wrongfully interned, and sued the Government of Canada in 2005. When Giacomelli died in March of 2006, his case was still unresolved.