Blueprint of Camp Petawawa - solo in inglese

Blueprint of Camp Petawawa, or Camp #33 as it was also know. The document shows the layout of the camp, complete with barracks, dining rooms, recreation building, detention room, hospital and workshops. The camp in the blueprint is for 200 men.

Petawawa Internment Camp #33 was located at Centre Lake on Canadian Forces Base Petawawa and surrounded by dense forest. The land on which the base and camp were constructed was originally Algonquin territory. The Petawawa Internment Camp was first used to intern enemy aliens from Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I. At the start of World War II, Petawawa was once again used to intern enemy aliens. German Canadians were the first to be sent to the camp in 1939, followed by Italian Canadians in June 1940.