Intervista con Frank Martinello

In his second interview Frank Martinello speaks further about his family life during his father's internment. Frank also talks about missing out on some of his childhood and schooling because he had to work hard to maintain the house and the farm while his father was away. The interview continues with Frank presenting a number of objects that he received from his father, many of which were brought back in a chest from the internment camp. The objects include a ship in a bottle, a belt made out of cigarette packages, and a portrait of Felice drawn by fellow internee and artist, Guido Casini. There are also two watercolour portraits of Frank and his sister, Florence. Their father requested photographs of them to be sent to him in the camp and had these portraits created by a fellow internee. The interview ends with Frank going through a family photo album and  pointing out the members of his family in the pictures.