Photograph of May Day Parade with Italians in Nordegg, AB - solo in inglese

Black and white photograph of a May Day parade with Italians in Nordegg, AB. Date unknown.

The scene shows participants on the road dressed in full regalia. Musicians are leading the march. There are also a number of children who are following along with the parade. Houses are seen in the background.

May Day has its early origins with the Celtics and the pre-Christian Roman cultures. It also became known as International Workers' Day. The first May Day celebration in Italy took place in 1890. In 1923, it was banned under the fascist regime. A decade later Nazi Germany took over May Day, making it an official National Day of Labour. In 1945, May Day celebrations were reinstated in Italy. In Canada, Labour Day is celebrated in lieu of May Day. The tradition of May Day was likely was brought over as a result of immigration from European cultures. 

This is part of a collection of photographs and documents from Peter Butti, son of enemy aliens, Henry and Myra Butti.