Daneile family in front of the Roma - en anglais seulement

Black and white photograph of men, women and children posing in front of the passenger ship Roma. According to records at Pier 21 the Daneile family are posing in this photograph. Various other ships can be seen in the background. It is unclear where the photograph was taken.

According to archival records, the TN Roma was rebuilt in Genoa, Italy in 1950-1951 and departed on her maiden voyage to Australia in August of 1951. The Roma continued as a passenger ship with her main duties to Australia until 1963 when service was taken over by the Surriento. The ship also operated on a number of Trans-Atlantic voyages to Canada and the United States. According to the archives at Pier 21, prior to 1956 the Roma was operated by the Lauro Lines and stopped at the following ports: New York, Halifax-Lisbon, Palermo, Naples and Genoa. After 1956 it was operated by Khedivial Mail Line, S.A.E. and Pier 21 notes its ports of call as: New York, Philadelphia-Marseilles, Genoa, Naples, Beirut and Alexandria.