Letter from Daniel Mascioli to Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli, January 19, 1941 - en anglais seulement

This is a typewritten one page letter from Daniel Mascioli to his father, Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli. Dated January 19, 1941 and written on Daniel's business letter head, which reads "Daniel J. Mascioli. Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Timmins, Ontario."

Daniel tells his father that he personally received many cards from the usual group, but that he also received many others from those individuals who normally send them to Leo directly.  He says, "The idea being, I suppose, that I would act as your representative in receiving their good wishes." He also assures his father that Caswell, one of the men that Leo chose to run one of their businesses, is doing well and that clients have good things to say about him.  Daniel also reports on the various companies:

The operations of the various companies have been satisfactory for the past year.  The hotels will show less operating profit as buisness was down in the first eight months but it was better than last year in the last four months of 1940. The theatres are about the same as in 1939, the Garage was better than last year, as also was the Lady Laurier Hotel. Construction is about the same as 1939. All companies have substantial cash reserves to meet any contigencies. I feel that you will find things in good shape when you return.

Daniel took over his father's business affairs while his father was interned at Camp Petawawa.