Postcard from V.V. Restaldi to G.M. Hawthorn, S. Ross & Sons, May 31, 1942

This postcard was sent by V.V. Restaldi, from Ellis Island, N.Y., to G.M. Hawthorn, S. Ross & Sons, on May 31, 1942.

Vittorio Vincenzo Restaldi was a leading member of the Italian Canadian community and was actively involved with the Italian fascist government, serving as the honourary vice-counsel for Italy in Montreal. Interned as a threat to the Canadian state, he was released on condition that he leave Canada for repatriation to Italy. Restaldi left Canada for Italy on May 29, 1942, via New York City.

In the postcard, addressed to Mr. Hawthorn, he thanks him for his assistance and asks that any personal materials he has left behind be destroyed or given to Miss Obalska.