Building the Caboto Club, Windsor, ON, 1949

Black and white photograph of  work men/labourers on scaffolding laying brick, concrete blocks(?) or stone(?) for work on new building at 2175 Parent Avenue, Windsor, ON. This building would house the Caboto Club and open on April 3, 1950. Founded in 1925 by Italian immigrants in late 1924, the club became an important part of the local Italian community, providing a place for community gatherings, support for new immigrants and through fundraising activities, support for the larger Windsor community.

During World War II, active paricipation in many Italian cultural organizations throughout Canada suffered. So much so, that many such organizations did not survive into the post-war period. However, the Cabato Club seems to have remained active throughout the period with activities and events in support of the war effort. As such, four short years after the war, they had enough financial reserves and community support to undertake a major building project.