Member's handbook, Italian Canadian Recreation Club, Toronto, ON, 1951

Member's handbook, pocket-size, Italian Canadian Recreation Club, Toronto, ON, 1951. The handbook includes the by-laws, a list of members with addresses, and advertisements. This is the first edition of what was intended to be an annual issue. Made of paper, mutliple sheets, folded and stapled together, with cover of cardstock, dyed burgundy. A few pages seem to be missing for the address list from M-R.

After the war, some communities began to rebuild their organizations. In Toronto, the Italian Canadian community fought for the return of the Casa d'Italia building. At the same time, in 1947, with several hundred members, the Italo Canadian Recreation Club (ICRC) was built on Brandon Ave. The ICRC became a focal point for the post-war community -- the location for dances, social events, meetings and weddings.