Interview with Anthony De Marco

Anthony De Marco was born on August 16, 1920 in Reggio, Calabria, Italy and is the eldest of three children born to Antonia (née Scappatura) and Carmine De Marco. Anthony’s dad first arrived in Canada around 1902, following his brothers, who came in search of a better life. Carmine was naturalized in 1911, but returned home briefly to fight in World War I. Back home, Carmine met and married Antonia in 1919 before returning to North Bay. In 1922, Anthony and his mother immigrated to Canada and the family was reunited. In his interview, Anthony talks about growing up in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, playing sports, and attending school in North Bay. He also speaks of the family business, De Marco’s Confectionary, which is still in operation today. Anthony’s dad, Carmine De Marco, and two uncles, Vincenzo and Frank Scappatura, were all interned at Camp Petawawa. Anthony explains that his father was able to get out of Petawawa because of the efforts of their friend and neighbour, Bishop Dignan. He also says that neither his dad nor uncles ever talked about their experiences in the camp. Anthony believes that the internment really bothered his dad, especially having fought for the Allies in the previous war. At the same time that Carmine De Marco was interned, he had several nephews serving in the Canadian forces.