Interview with Nellie Cavell

Nellie Cavell was born in Italy and was forced to report to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as an enemy alien during World War II. In this second interview, Nellie explains her job in greater detail as a stenographer with the Italian Consulate in Dr. Brancucci’s Vancouver office. Nellie recounts her relationship with Dr. Brancucci in greater detail, and explains that she did not share his fascist views although she did join the Ciccolo Roma when he asked her to. She and her family members were very patriotic and proud Canadians, and had no interest in fascist organizations. Nellie and the interviewer Raymond Culos discuss many individuals in the Italian-Canadian community during the war years, as well as family friends and Japanese Canadians in the Vancouver area. She shares her opinions on the treatment of the Japanese Canadians in the Vancouver area, and expresses her views about enemy alien internment during World War II.