Photograph of Concetta De Rubeis and unknown woman standing outdoors

Black and white photograph of Concetta De Rubeis (at left) and an unknown woman posing outdoors. Concetta De Rubeis is the wife of Italian Canadian internee Andrea De Rubeis.

Andrea De Rubeis lived at 66½ Hillyard Road in Hamilton. He was married and had two children: a 13-year-old son and an 18-year-old daughter. His family lived in Italy. De Rubeis had worked for International Harvester since June 6, 1928, possibly around the time he arrived in Canada. In 1937, De Rubeis was hospitalized after suffering a breakdown. His internment triggered another episode in the fall of 1940. He was sent to the Ontario Mental Hospital at Penetenguishene, Ontario, where he remained until March 31, 1941. Following his discharge, he was returned to the Petawawa Internment Camp. After his release from Fredericton Internment Camp in April 1943, De Rubeis returned to Hamilton. It is likely that his wife and children migrated to Canada after the war.