Photograph of C. De Marco's Confectionary

Photograph of the storefront for C. De Marco’s Confectionery. The family-operated store was opened by Carmine De Marco in the late 1920s in North Bay, Ontario. The family lived behind the store.  

Carmine De Marco had originally moved to North Bay to work on the railroad. Seeing the large Italian presence in the community, he decided to open up a store that would carry Italian goods, with the help of a brother. The De Marco family worked long hours from 7:00 am to midnight to make a success of the business.

On June 10, 1940, Carmine De Marco was arrested and interned. During this time, business slowed down. His son Anthony recalls that they would be lucky to gross $20 a day.

After his release and return home, the store once again prospered and grew. De Marco and his wife Antonia expanded and bought several other properties. After some time, the store became a popular hangout spot for teenagers.