Portrait of Nazzareno Alfonso Sguigna and his wife

This is a black and white studio portrait of Nazzareno Alfonso Sguigna and his Canadian-born wife. 

The couple is shown sitting on a black bench.  Nazzareno is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and bowtie; a white handkerchief peeks out from his chest pocket. He is also holding white gloves in his left hand. His wavy hair is brushed back. His wife is wearing a white long ruffled skirt with a matching blazer with ruffles on the shoulders. She is wearing white closed toe shoes.  Her hands are resting one over the other on her lap.  She has drop earrings. Her wavy hair is worn short. Both are looking straight at the camera.  The backdrop shows a curtain over a painted backdrop of a nature scenery.

This is possibly their engagement photo which their daughter, Marie Sguigna Prospero, refers to in her interview.

Nazzareno was arrested during World War II and detained at a local jail.  According to his niece, his wife collected his World War I medals and brought them to the jail, stating his innocence and allegiance to Great Britain. Due to his wife's persistence, Nazzareno was released; however, Nazzareno's brother Luigi Sguigna was not so lucky. Luigi was interned for two years at Camps Petawawa and Fredericton.