Two Canadian soldiers with lady and man standing on street

This is a black and white snapshot of two Canadian soldiers with a lady and a man, standing on a neighbourhood street. There are two cars in the background.  It appears to be fall or spring as there are no leaves on the trees.

The young lady is being carried by one of the soldiers and the man.  The group are smiling at the camera.  The two soldiers are wearing uniforms with peaked caps.  The lady is wearing a knee-length black dress and her short wavy hair is styled parted to her right.  The man is wearing a black suit, white, shirt, and a tie.  

One of the soldiers pictured here is likely Marie Prospero's half-brother, Ezio Vincenzo Sguigna.  In her interview, Marie talks about how he was drafted into the Canadian Army but was discharged six months later because of his Italian birth.  While Ezio was serving in the war, his uncle Luigi Sguigna was interned.