Letter from Pierre Taschereau to Antonio (Tony) Mascioli, September 12, 1941

This is a typewritten, two pages letter to Antonio (Tony) Mascioli from Pierre Taschereau, Secretary for the Advisory Committee in Ottawa. Dated September 12, 1941.

Antonio is being informed that he was detained for the following reasons:
1) That he was born in Italy and only acquired naturalization in May 1937.
2) That he was a member of the Italian fascio abroad, particularly the Timmins section of the Don Cesare Caravadossi Fascio of North Bay.
3) That he was the fiduciary of the group stated above.
4) That he had in his possession 15 membership cards for this same group
5) That three of these cards were his personally
6) That he participated in the activities of this group, an organization now declared illegal

Further, the letter states that an Advisory Comittee is willing to hear Antonio plead his case on September 25, 1941.