Ration booklet issued to Yolanda Gaggi, ca. 1942-1947

Ration booklet #6 issued to Yolanda Gaggi, of Gatchell (present-day Sudbury), ON, ca. 1942-1947. Both Canadian-born Yolanda and her husband Domenico (naturalized British subject since 1937) were designated as Enemy Aliens.

During the war, the government first asked consumers to reduce the consumption of a select number of goods that were considered in short supply. The intention was to limit the use of imported food and to free up supplies for the war effort. Of particular concern was the availability of butter, sugar and gasoline. The official rationing system began in 1942, when booklets of coupons were issued. Rationed items included meat, tea and coffee. Alcohol and clothing were also on the ration list. 1946 was the last year ration books were produced, but rationing continued until 1947.